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  Cisco ACI (Install, Manage and Configure)

       Develop essential skills for deploying a basic ACI Fabric to include tenants , VRFs, Bridge Domains , Subnets, EPGs, Application profiles for application connectivity and routed external connectivity. (New APIC v3.2 Release)

Module 1: ACI Overview


  • Issues in 3-tier architecture

  • Why are we moving to a 2-tier architecture

  • Introduce ACI terminology

  • Nexus 9K product line and comparison

  • APIC Controller introduction

Module 2: Basic ACI Initialization


  • Introduction to VXLAN & VTEP concepts

  • Hardware installation of an ACI fabric

  • Bringing up the ACI fabric with APIC Controller in place

Module 3: Logical & Physical Constructs of ACI


  • Logical Constructs: Tenant, VRF, Bridge Domain, Subnet, EPG

  • Physical Constructs: Switch Profile, Interface Profile, Interface Policy Group, Attachment Entity Profiles

  • Contracts between EPGs, VRFs, tenants etc.

Module 4: Domain Types 

  • Physical Domain

  • VMM Domain

  • L2-Out: Layer 2 external domain

  • L3-Out: Layer 3 external domain


Module 5: Multiple Datacenter approach


  • Stretch Fabric

  • Multi-POD

  • Multi-Site

  • Migration Approaches

Module 6: Integration Basics


  • L4-L7 Integration with F5, AVI or any external vendors

  • VMWare integration

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