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Why Choose SKITConsulting


A robust IT platform is an essential part of any business. We understand the importance of this, and how it can significantly contribute to the success of your business.

We can join you on this journey to ensure your platform is a successful business enabler, and  is designed/operated at it's best.


Our vast experience with expertise in many IT areas is a beneficial asset at your disposal to modify or improve your current systems or for future implementations.We have a group of professionals with extensive technical knowledge who have designed , deployed and operated complex infrastructure networks.

Our team is proficient with Cisco(CCIEs), Brocade , Microsoft , AWS and Vmware which are just a handful of certifications our team holds.References are available upon request.


IT project management can be challenging if not actioned successfully. Our experienced project managers have delivered many complex IT projects involving numerous parties and stakeholders. You can trust our team to deliver a smooth project without any of the typical in-house hassles.

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