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Virtualization and Software Defined Elements (SDDx)

           SKIT is a technology implementation leader in Virtualization and has experience in all datacenter virtualization aspects: servers, network, security, and storage.

          In a Virtualized Datacenter all elements of the datacenter: servers, security, network and storage are virtualized and delivered as a service. The management layer is abstracted from the hardware layer, and the administrator can manage the entire datacenter from a single software console. A datacenter so abstracted or virtualized is also called a Software-defined data center (SDDC).

        There are several benefits of datacenter virtualization. However, transforming a traditional datacenter requires several graded and defined virtualization initiatives before moving to the final objective of a SDDC.

Let SKIT handle your datacenter transformation. We will :

  • Assess your current setup

  • Plan the roadmap to a Software Defined Datacenter.

  • Identify technology maturity levels (virtualization readiness)

  • Recommendation of technologies , vendors, process and costs.

  • A project plan  with timelines and a detailed implementation plan.

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