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Network Solutions

      Complex networks are becoming very common in today's IT environments. With the introduction of additional elements such as IP Telephony/ Security/Loadbalancing/WAN Optimziation, designing an optimal network may become challenging,

        Design and integration is part of the challenge , as is establishing which products serve  the best solution. Multiple vendors for the same requirement makes selecting a product very difficult.

    At SKIT  we have over 15 years experience with design and implementation of complex networks.We can provide guidance in choosing optimal product for your requirement. Our experience with all enterprise grade gears like Cisco/Juniper/HP/Arista...etc will be at your service when a design or purchase decision is made.

How we can help your business with:

  • Infrastructure Assessment 

  • Infrastructure Design & Implementation 

  • Infrastructure Project Management

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Converged Infrastructure (Voice,Video,Data)

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